Crushing and grinding applications


Decomposing waterborne solid wastes and crushing their fibers to protect the pumps, valves and lines of water treatment facilities. Breaking and grinding such organic materials as potato, beet, fish market wastes, slaughterhouse wastes, etc.

These applications are for crushing such hard materials as stone, wood, metal, etc. and such fibrous materials as wiping rags, ropes, hay, etc. included in fluids discharged or transferred from liquid waste pools to pre-determined minimum sizes. Thus such fluids are transferred without problem and are prevented from clogging the pump or its lines.
RotaCut crushes solid wastes and its screening chamber removes from the fluid non-crushable large and hard pieces which will otherwise damage the pump or the system or clog the line. Such solid wastes are stored in the screening chamber of the pump until they are removed at regular intervals.
They are available in various capacities and in various screener diameters.
Engine power and speed are selected with reference to the capacity.
Thanks to its bidirectional function, its rotation can be automatically reversed during a process.
It is compact, easy to use, and easy to maintain.
Worn parts can be replaced at low costs, maintenance work can be easily performed at the site.


Water stream reclaims
Global climate change causes the volume and density of such precipitation as rain, snow, etc. to differ, so that such natural disasters as flood, etc. happen. Therefore, it may be needed to reclaim water streams both to save them from pollution and to protect the settlement areas from flood.
A crusher is coupled to a high capacity pump designed to reclaim water streams.
Rotacut holds and screens such heavy objects as stones, chunks of concrete, pieces of metal, etc. which usually lie on the bottoms of pools, ducts and lagoons.
Such materials as wiping rags, ropes, pet bottles, pieces of wood, branches, etc. floating on the stream are crushed and ground by the Rotacut.
If installed on the suction line of the pump, the Rotacut will protect the pump and its mechanical parts and extend their service life. Rotacut also prevents the pump from breaking down at the site.