Mobile pump applications

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Mobile pump applications to discharge pools, ducts and streams and to clean their bottoms at factories, wastewater treatment facilities and refineries; portable emergency pump applications to discharge floods.

parcalayici mobil pompa uniteleri

Mobile Electric Crusher Pumps
These lobe pumps are coupled with the RotaCut unit designed to crush such materials as wiping rags, ropes, bags, pieces of wood, pet bottles, etc. and are installed on a semi-trailer fit for road traffic. They are available in capacities ranging from 70 to 400 m3/h . They can be run at various speeds and flowrates by means of an inverter.

yüksek kapasiteli mobil pompa üniteleri

High capacity, generator-driven mobile pumps
These pumps are used for reclaiming water streams or emptying lakes and ponds. They are available in capacities up to 1,200 m3/h. A crusher and rock screener may be coupled to the pump depending on the work; it usually is placed in a steel container designed to be carried onboard a truck or semi-trailer. The container also houses a generator, a fuel tank and power-driven automatic louvers. The pump contains a dry run safety sensor, a pressure safety sensor, and an automatic rotation speed governor depending on density of the materials to be crushed or the dry matter content.

dizel motor tahrikli mobil pompa

Diesel engine-driven emergency pumps
Ideal for such emergencies as flood or deluge, these pumps generate a high vacuum power to suck water from a depth down to 8 m and from a horizontal distance of up to 30 to 40 m. They are available at capacities ranging from 100 to 500 m3/h. They never need to be bled, and have a high permeability of solid particles. Multiple hoses can be connected to their suction and delivery collectors. Their special cam locks allow the user to connect a hose to them easily using just one hand. Depending on the user’s choice, they can be coupled to a Hatz, Perkins, Deutz or similar diesel engine. As an option, the diesel engine can be equipped with a control system. In this case oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel level and working time are displayed on the control system’s monitor. They are installed together with floodlights for night work on semi-trailers fit for road traffic.

exproof sahalar için seyyar pompa

Exproof sahalar için seyyar pompa üniteleri – ATEX / Ex-proof Zone 1
Rafineri sahalarında, Tank çiftliklerinde ve her türlü yanıcı parlayıcı ortamda (Zone 1, Zone 2 ) kullanılmak üzere, sahanın ve akışkanı özelliğine bağlı olarak tasarlanmış seyyar pompa üniteleri ATEX ve Ex-proof sertifikalı olarak temin edilir. 10m3/h 800m3/h aralığında çalışan modelleri mevcuttur. 0 -1.000.000 mpas gibi farklı viskozite aralıklarında çalışabilirler.

araç üstü mobil pompa

Mobile pumps for ex-proof zones

kompak mobil pompa

Compact mobile pumps
These are mobile pumps used for cleaning pools and ducts at industrial fields, discharging process sludge, and transferring paint, glue, petroleum derivatives and all other viscous materials, installed on industrial semi-trailers. These lobe pumps are installed on compact units and are available in capacities ranging from 10 to 200 m3/h and generating pressure up to 16 bar. Their ability to run bidirectional makes them flexible for use. If the delivery line is clogged, the pump can be run on the opposite direction to unclog the line. As an option this pump can be equipped with an inverter panel, a dry run safety sensor and a density-triggered automatic rotation speed governor.